Updated: 2018-05-05

According to the likes of Daniel 8, the little horn (aka the Antichrist) comes out of one of the spin offs of Yavan. That is, the two horned ram (the region of ancient Media-Persia, which is now modern Iran) will take over much of the Middle East. After that, the goat with a prominent horn (the region of ancient Yavan, which now approximately includes modern Greece and the southern and western coasts of Turkey) destroys that expanding, Medo-Persian nation. After that, Yavan splits into four nations. Out of one of those nations comes the little horn.

map of the Middle East and surrounding areas sometime after the flood of Noah's time

area of Yavan encircled

I suspect that, if the Daniel 8 “process” is starting to unfold, one reason that יהוה appointed Obama as President of the USA was to advance that process. Furthermore, in that case, יהוה may have previously directed the diminishing support of the Shah by the US Government, culminating in his total abandonment by President Carter in 1979. The US Government then—apparently mindlessly and unintentionally—strengthened the current Islamic Regime by attacking its two most significant enemies (i.e., Saddam Hussein in 1991 and the al-Qaeda in 2001).

I believe that the hand of יהוה can clearly be seen in all of this, since the United Kingdom and the USA originally ousted democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mosaddegh and installed Shah Zahedi in 1953 and helped maintain Zahedi’s rule utilizing evil, murderous tactics, all for the sake of oil (i.e., the Iranian oil interests of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, now BP)—covetousness. Utilizing what appears to be divine justice, יהוה appears to have utilized this same motivation (i.e., covetousness for Middle Eastern Oil) to cause the U.S., British, etc. militaries to further strengthen the current Iranian Regime via eliminating Hussein and weakening al-Qaeda.

If the Daniel 8 process is currently unfolding, we would expect to see Iran destroy any Iranian opposition in the region (save for Israel)—including ISIS, if ISIS is not really an Iranian front. (Of course, if—like Hamas and Hezbollah—ISIS is really just an Iranian front organization, then we would expect Iran to support and sustain it.) Ultimately, Yavan (most probably Turkey or a Turkish coalition) would then destroy Iran.

Daniel 8 might not be unfolding, now. If it is, then I suspect that the prophecy about the destruction of Elam (currently, SW Iran)—e.g., Jeremiah 49:34-39—will probably be fulfilled by Yavan (Daniel 8). Otherwise, if the destruction of Elam comes first, then Daniel 8 might be way out in the future.

Time will most certainly reveal the order and the details. However, given Iran’s progress in Lebanon and Syria and now (possibly) Iraq, the predicted rise of Medo-Persia prior to its defeat by Yavan may be unfolding right before our eyes.

FYI, Obama’s objective may be to weaken Israel and Iran via a direct confrontation between the two so that Sunni nations can later take over both, but Obama’s objectives are unimportant; the plan of יהוה is the only one that will prevail. Also, perhaps Iran’s takeover of Syria can explain the damage done to Israel in its coming war with Syria (Isaiah 17).

Another interesting, possible motivation for arming Iran was asserted by David Bay. In particular, he assets that various “nonconforming” dictatorships, including Saudi Arabia, must be done away with in order to usher in the coming one-world currency system. Thus, Mr. Bay asserts that the impetus for arming Iran is to enable it to destroy the current Saudi regime, allowing the current Saudi regime to be replaced with one that will conform to the coming beast system.

2016-06-11 Update:

It is interesting that contemporary events appear to be solidifying the above interpretation of the relevant Biblical prophecies:

2017-07-08 Update:

Recently, Iran started posting signs along the northern border of Israel (i.e., along Israel’s borders with Lebanon and Syria). This undertaking made me suspect that, perhaps, the likes of Daniel 8 could be further out in the future and that something like Jeremiah 49:34-39 might be closer at hand. (It is also interesting to note that the vision of Daniel 8 occurred in Elam, which might suggest that it will unfold once the to be scattered peoples of Elam have returned—Jeremiah 49:39.)

location of Elam

location of Elam within modern Iran

Again, time will certainly fill in the ordering of the prophesied events, as well as their details.

2018-05-05 Update:

After rereading Daniel 8, this morning, I felt that the coming war between Yavan and Media-Persia (currently, Iran) might be the fulfillment of Jeremiah 49:34-39, because Daniel is given the vision of that battle in Elam. Thus, if this interpretation is correct and it were to be fulfilled in the near future, perhaps Iran or one of its allies (e.g., Russia) will do something to upset Turkey (e.g., hit some of its troops with a depleted uranium weapon), resulting in a revenge air attack by Turkey upon Iran’s nuclear plant(s) in Elam? Such an attack could disperse radioactive fallout throughout the region (Elam) and beyond, leading to the exodus described in Jeremiah 49:34-39.

Yet again, time will certainly fill in the ordering of the prophesied events, as well as their details.

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