Will the Next President Save the Republic?

Last Updated: 2017-03-25

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2017-02-18 Update: Preamble

One of my Christian friends has encouraged me—multiple times—to remove the description of a dream that I had from this page. However, even though I am one of President Trump’s strongest supporters (one who made grass roots calls to registered voters across the nation for him, during the lead up to the election; one who walked my neighborhood, knocking on doors and talking to my neighbors about getting out and voting for Trump and other republicans; one who worked as a poll watcher, documenting the election fraud that I observed at all of the California polling places that I visited on election day; one who provided that information to Trump’s campaign staff; etc.), and I believe that the dreams that one of my friends had about Trump are likely true, my dream may have been in response to one or more of my prayers (or it may have just been a creation of my subconscious mind).

Despite the impression given by the demonic media, most of the country is extremely elated and relieved that their candidate (Donald Trump) was elected and is now working on behalf of the American People (rather than working for their destruction, as has been the goal of the various shadow government appointees). I am definitely in that (relieved) camp, and I believe that there would be no hope for the people of the USA had the shadow government been successful at installing its most recent, traitorous candidate. However, I believe (as my friend’s dreams illustrate) that President Trump is vulnerable to idolatry and that his cabinet is vulnerable to infiltration by idolaters.

It is well beyond the scope of this article to attempt to disclose how ideas from various eastern philosophies (primarily Hinduism) have weakened the minds and the moral compasses of many in the west—ultimately leading to the destruction of the European Nations that we see, today—and seem to have put the USA on a similar trajectory. While the material wealth of the likes of China and India have risen as a result of the flow of wealth from the so-called western nations to them, they have no hope apart from The Hope of the World. Observing the state of those nations in isolation with their gods and observing the state of the USA when its people and its government upheld the Law of its God, one could clearly discern the Real God of the founders of the USA from the false gods of India, China, Muslim nations, etc.

Thus, one with eyes to see can clearly discern and be concerned about President Trump’s continued overtures to those who seek to advance the cause of such demonic religions within the USA. One merely has to consider how tyrannical the European Nations have become as they have adopted and implemented ideas rooted in Hinduism instead of their former, Bible-based principles. Should President Trump also succumb to those (or other) demonic ideas, it would not be surprising if he also goes the way of tyrannical rule. (After all, Hitler was an evangelist of both Islam and Hinduism, and He remains a popular figure in India, to this day.)

Therefore, as a follower of The One and Only, True God, it behooves you to continue to pray for President Trump and those within his administration. Pray that God (יהוה) will give him wisdom and discernment and cause him to avoid the snares of idolatry—in all of its many forms. Pray that יהוה will cause President Trump to serve Him faithfully and to study His Word (which is the basis for The Middle Eastern Religion that all of the others imitate and pervert), regularly. Finally, if you cross paths with someone who is trapped in a demonic religion, shine The Light of The Truth on him or her, in hopes that he or she might be saved.

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2017-03-18 Update: What Does This Mean?

As the vast majority of the nation is increasingly realizing, a small minority of deeply entrenched rebels who have wormed their way into the fabric of our society and our government are set on opposing the Will of יהוה (God) and His people in the USA—utilizing lies, deceit and every other means available to them. They have traitorous judges who issue proclamations that are contrary to the laws of the land. They have senators and congress people (of all affiliations) who oppose acting against corruption and restoring sanity and Constitutional rule to the nation. They have operatives within the so called “intelligence” community who violate the nation’s security laws. The president even seems to have appointed some of them to the highest offices in the land.

What is their agenda?

In a nutshell, they seek the destruction of the USA. I use the term destruction broadly—including the transformation of the USA from a Christian, יהוה honoring nation into one that has disdain for יהוה and His Law, like the nations of Europe, the Islamic nations, the communist nations, India, etc. They would like to morph the USA into yet another tool of the devil, and by all appearances, they managed to lead the USA a ways down that dirty path.

So, what does all of this mean for you and I and other יהוה honoring people in this nation?

Well, for one thing, these rebels do not have a majority—despite importing more traitors to help them to advance their destructive cause, despite poisoning countless minds in their corrupt “educational” system, despite the lies that they repeat daily via their various forms of media, etc. For example, if they had a majority, they would seek to make a quick end of us, utilizing all means of force and brutality at their disposal. However, despite all of their lies, their deceit, their trickery, etc., we have elected a president to work against them and against their schemes. They should lose the war, if we stay vigilant.

What that means for each of us is that we each need to draw ever closer to יהוה and share our thoughts and the feelings of our hearts with Him, regularly (throughout each day). We need to confess and repent of our sins and the sins of what is now a very wicked nation (per the likes of 2 Chronicles 7:14).

We should not lose heart nor give into the lies of the various workers of iniquity within the various forms of media that we consume. (Perhaps it is time to stop consuming such media, altogether?) We should seek the aid of יהוה (continually) and trust Him to deal with and clean up this mess. We should never abandon יהוה nor His Law.

However, if we fail to cling to יהוה and fall back into complacency or worse, we might expect something along the lines of this. Hopefully, we will choose wisely.

Understand that we need יהוה to win the war for us, and we need to acknowledge Him when He does.

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2017-03-25 Update: Real News

Some Sources of Real News

Where do you find truth in a sea of the media’s lies? Here are some sources:


Christian Persecution

Women’s Rights

Voting Fraud

Latin America


If you have other sources, let me know, and I will try to incorporate them, here, and on another, more appropriate location, God willing.

How To Clean Up the lawless Judiciary Branch

The lawless judiciary has been at the center of the decline of the USA for well over a half of a century, now. Lawless judges and courts (including the U.S. Supreme Court) have imposed their will upon the people of the USA via various unconstitutional rulings, leading to the societal separation from יהוה and resultant moral decay that exists, today. A question is, how do we get rid of such judicial traitors to the nation and the Constitution?

As it turns out, the framers of the Constitution contemplated such judicial tyranny and enabled the removal of such scum via the Constitution, itself:

The impeachment process requires a majority vote by the House of Representatives and, then, a two-thirds vote by the Senate. Given the fact that both the House and the Senate appear to be packed with traitors (including demonrats, republicants and others), impeachment of various lawless judges whose actions dictate that they be removed seems highly unlikely. A fundamental solution to the problem would seem to be the replace of all of the traitors within the House and Senate in the upcoming mid-term election. Then, We the People of the USA need to apply pressure to those elected representatives in order to cause them to do their duty to rid the nation of such traitorous judges and other traitorous officials. (Of course, we should be working to apply such pressure, now, as well.)

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Will any of the presidential candidates save the USA if elected?

The answer that one gives (not the truth) depends, in part, upon his or her worldview. Someone looking at the world scene, with all of its wars and conflict, is likely to conclude that humans can solve our problems by getting rid of our differences. Thus, the humanist (and, surprisingly, the Islamist) might (apparently logically) conclude that the solution to the major problems that we are facing is a global, worldwide (or “one-world”) government and a single (“tolerant” but uniform) religion for all of humanity.

In order to implement this “solution,” true individuality cannot be tolerated (but can be substituted for meaningless individuality—like self-expression via purchase decisions, including fashion choices and the like). Thus, the humanist (and the Islamist) “solution” requires uniformity and conformity at all costs. Beyond trivial differences, individuality must be crushed in order to achieve the goal of world “peace” and “prosperity”.

On the other hand, if you are a “biblically literate” Christian, you will realize that God created the nations as a way of mitigating human evil. Every human being is naturally selfish; selfishness is rebellion against God’s Law (which is summarized as loving others as one loves one’s self). Thus, as human beings uniformly conform to man-made (self-centered) laws and traditions that fly in the face of God’s Law, we tend maximize selfishness (and, thus, evil).

For example, God has endowed each of us with unique qualities, including unique perspectives, unique ways of thinking, etc. and has a unique purpose for each of us. However, in order to achieve the humanist agenda, much of our individuality must be subverted. To acquiesce (and deploy) humanism “globally,” individuality must be crushed. Thus, in order to achieve the (selfish) goal of humanist uniformity, countless atrocities must be committed against countless individuals. Thus, the “peace” of the humanist (and Islamist) “solution” is a charade that comes at the expense of individual liberty and happiness, and the humanist (and Islamist) ideal is really maximally selfish (and, thus, evil) of all who desire it.

Will Donald Trump save the USA?

Regarding Trump, much of what he says sounds excellent to the hearts of those who are fed up with tyrannical presidents (current and past). However, Dr. Alan Keyes believes that Trump will be like Obama in that he will sidestep the constitution in order to please conservatives (as Obama did in order to please leftists). Keyes also suspects that Trump might be an “in the closet” leftist.

After I saw Dr. Keyes’ interview, I prayed about it and went to sleep, and I awoke to a dream which indicated that Hitler utilized the same rhetoric as Trump. That is, Hitler’s platform was that he would make Germany great, again, and Trump’s platform is that he will make America great, again.

Needless to say, I have been leery of Trump since then. However, I am uncertain about any of the candidates. Roger Stone and others have made fairly compelling cases against Cruz, yet he is the son of a pastor and has taken an admirable, faithful (although increasingly unpopular) stand for Israel. Unlike Obama, Rubio has refused to take the title of “savior.” I suspect that Huckabee might be a godly man who might lead us in the correct direction, but he seems to have little support. (Remember that men chose Barabbas over Yehoshuah–aka Jesus.) Of course, if Sanders or Clinton wins, then we can expect the velocity of the nation’s decline to continue or even increase.

However, it seems not to matter who gets in (utilizing contemporary history as a guide): Once a politician gets elected, he or she merely advances the globalists’ agenda of destroying the nation. So, I wonder if Trump will do the same? God knows.

It is starting to look like Trump is similar to Hitler (and Obama) in that he is offering lots of vague and, now, possibly contradictory promises to different groups. For example, Trump has praised Planned Parenthood for things that are really tangential to their core business of murdering children and destroying families. Yet, he says that he will defund them. Yet, he clearly indicates that he is not going to stop abortion (in the code of something like “we are not going to let them go back to doing it in back allies”).

Furthermore, in general, Trump seems to say whatever is beneficial to himself at the moment; thus, ultimately, leaving little difference between him and Obama. For example: Is Trump a Leftist? and Trump is a Terrible Republican.

Also, the following article would seem to indicate that he is more of a “typical” (i.e., not really understanding salvation nor having a real relationship with God) Catholic than a twice born follower of The Messiah, but it also indicates a Biblically sound approach to repentance and restitution (e.g., Ezekiel 18): Trump, “I Don’t Believe I’ve Ever Asked God for Forgiveness.”

Thus, again, Trump might be another Obama in that no one (not even Trump) knows what he is going to do once he gets elected, but he is going to do whatever he wants to do, and anyone who gets in his way will probably get trampled on. I would not be surprised if Trump is just a big “setup,” like Obama was. After going through this (once) with Obama, it looks like the citizens of the USA might be about to make the same mistake with Trump, and only God knows what the outcome will be.

The truth is, as was the case with Obama, we do not really know what kind of a president Trump will be. On the other hand, with Clinton or Sanders, we know that she or he will continue the globalists’ agenda. Furthermore, the extremely left leaning Huffington Post wrote that both GOP and Democrat sponsors apparently held a secret meeting to discuss derailing Trump’s campaign. Hummm…

Nevertheless, the next president will have been put there by God (יהוה) in order to achieve His purposes (e.g., Daniel 2:21, 4:17; Romans 13:1; Proverbs 8:15; Psalms 75:6-7; etc.). For example, I do believe that a significant purpose for the appointment of Obama as president by יהוה was most probably to continue to bring judgement upon the USA for abandoning Him and for forsaking His Law (e.g., Galatians 5:14, Matthew 22:36-40, etc.).

God (יהוה) help us:

If I shut up the heavens that there be no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people; and my people, who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from the heavens, and forgive their sin, and heal their land.
2 Chronicles 7:13-14, DARBY

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2016-03-05 Update

Again, I have lots of research to do on the various candidates, but I was extremely impressed by the speeches that Donald Trump gave at Liberty University, as well as the relationship that he has forged with it. The introduction to his January 18, 2016 speech was quite amazing, and seems to paint a picture of a kind, generous man (the kind of man who יהוה loves):

As one of my wise friends explained, God can utilize anyone to do His Will. He recalled that folks were also comparing Ronald Reagan to Hitler before he was elected, and Reagan was clearly one of the greatest presidents of our lifetime.

No matter who you vote for, pray for him or her, as well as all of our current leaders (and everyone else).

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2016-04-23 Update

Today, I am not feeling so great about contemplating Trump as the next president of the USA:

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2016-05-21 Update

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2016-05-28 Update

This compilation is very scary to consider: The Scary Truth About Donald Trump.

Trump was definitely correct about Iraq; also, read my article about Iran: Donald Trump on Iraq.

Various Other “News”:

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2016-07-23 Update

The Good

In addition to the many worldly (e.g., economic, etc.) improvements that Trump promised to provide to the USA if elected, Trump said that he would work to remove the restrictions to the First Amendment that have been placed upon Christian organizations. He also promised to nominate supreme court justices who would uphold the constitution. Furthermore, his promise to allow parents to determine which school to send their children to hopefully implies his affirmation of parental rights, in general. Finally, Trump’s VP choice hopefully indicates better days ahead for Christians in the USA.

The Bad

Like most of the country, I have been pleased to observe an apparent return to God (יהוה)—The Creator and The God of our nation’s founders—by the Republican Party. However, Wednesday night, when I began to watch a video of the opening of the second day of the Republican National Convention (RNC), I was deeply discouraged.

As you may know, the first day of the RNC was opened with a prayer by a Jewish Rabbi, which (while less than ideal, since he probably rejects The Messiah) was a prayer to יהוה, The One, True God—The Creator. However, the second day of the RNC was opened with a prayer to Ik Onkar (the god of the Sikhs) by a member of the ACLU (a group that is diametrically opposed to the free expression of Christianity), and the second day ended with a prayer by a Muslim. Ugh. The third day of the RNC was opened with the prayer of a Mormon (who believes in a very different Jesus than the God-man of history and The Bible). I would like to share with you how יהוה feels about this idolatry:

…I will eliminate what’s left of Baal from this place and the names of the priests of foreign gods, those bowing down to the forces of heaven on the rooftops, those swearing by יהוה along with those swearing by Milcom, those turning away from יהוה, those who don’t seek יהוה and don’t pursue him. Zephaniah 1:4-6, CEB

You see, יהוה is not pleased (to say the least) if you pray to Him and also pray to false gods. In that case, you might as well not pray to Him, at all.

I urge the Republican Party and its leadership to repent of and cease from this wickedness, which is really just opening yet another door for Satan to enter in through, in order to destroy:

…if my people who belong to me will humbly pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14, CEB

Is it not about time that we stop enabling the devil’s work and begin to engage in the needed work of repairing the breach between God (יהוה) and the people of the United States of America, a nation that was built upon The Name and The Law of יהוה?

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2016-08-27 Update

As I have had time, I have been trying to monitor the on-going process of the Trump campaign, and I must give Mr. Trump credit on many levels (too many to enumerate), including the fact that he wisely appears to exclusively support Christianity (as opposed to Christianity plus a plethora of false religions) at his rallies. Furthermore, his rallies appear to be ingenious for many reasons, including the fact that they help to overcome the blatantly obvious media bias towards Clinton and against Trump; while the media attempts to discourage Trump and everyone associated with his campaign, his rallies shore up and encourage his base; they illustrate his massive popularity in the face of numerous, obviously false polls which each claim that Clinton leads in popularity over Trump; etc.

Of course, I believe that whomever obtains the presidency will have received it from יהוה. However, I do believe that the people of יהוה in the USA can impact the decision of יהוה (e.g., 2 Chronicles 7:14). Indeed, I believe that the current state of the nation is primarily a result of the failures of God’s people in the USA to stand up for יהוה despite the potential personal consequences to themselves, time and again.

For example, had Christians removed their children en masse from public schools as soon as the U.S. Supreme Court wrongly ruled that Christian prayer was to be prohibited in the public schools, that decision would have quickly been reversed (or the public schools would not have continued exist, either of which would have made the nation better off, today). However, that would have required Christian families to make due with less income (either because Christian mothers would have left the workforce in order to stay home and teach their children, or those families would have spent substantial sums of money upon tuition at private institutions). In the end, by and large, Christians chose to allow their God given rights of free expression and public prayer to יהוה to be taken away in exchange for the continuance of their comfortable lives. One can trace back virtually all of the major turns of the nation for the worse to the failure of Christians to act en masse in order to reverse those national missteps.

As a result, today, we are at the point where individual Christians who choose to obey יהוה over government often must sacrifice personal wealth and comfort in order to stand for יהוה. If יהוה gives Trump the presidency and causes Trump to keep his campaign promises, that will be a huge reprieve for the nation. Clearly, God’s thoughts are far above my own thoughts, but unless God’s people are crying out to יהוה, it seems unlikely that He would give them such a reprieve (e.g., Judges 6). If He does give them a reprieve, it seems likely that they will need to truly reform themselves in order to maintain it.

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2016-09-03 Update

This past week, I stumbled across a patriot by the name of William Cooper who appears to have been yet another victim of government gone after the devil. That lead me to discover that Homeland Security seeks to take control of the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election.

By now, it is likely that you have heard alleged prophecies which claim that יהוה will appoint Trump to be the next President of the USA. If things are truly as they appear to be and Trump does become the next President of the USA and keeps his campaign promises and works to repair the breach between the people of the USA and יהוה, then it will be clear that God has chosen to hold off the destruction of the nation for at least a while longer.

Furthermore, if you have spent anytime trying to understand various alleged prophets, you will realize (1) that there are many, conflicting “prophecies” and (2) that there are conflicting viewpoints about the possibility of יהוה providing a reprieve from the obvious judgment that He has been pouring out upon the USA (e.g., Romans 1:18-2:29). In considering the situation, I have found Biblical precedents for the possibility that יהוה might give the USA a reprieve, contrary to the assertions of those who say that it is too late for such a reprieve.

One, obvious (although probably not applicable) example would be when יהוה had decided to destroy the great city of Nineveh, which lead the people of Nineveh to turn from their wicked ways en masse, which lead יהוה postpone the destruction of Nineveh (Jonah 3 and Nahum 3). While there appears to be little evidence that the people of the USA have turned from their wicked ways en masse, it may be that the people of יהוה in the USA are crying out to יהוה, in which case Judges 6 and 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 provide examples of instances in which יהוה had clearly been chastising His people and relented due to their pleas to Him.

Personally, I do believe that we will soon know whether or not יהוה is finished with the USA. If יהוה appoints the presidency to Clinton (or to one of her wicked minions after He kills her) or if Trump turns out to be yet another betrayer of the American People, then I will likely conclude that יהוה is probably finished with the USA. However, if יהוה calls us back to Him and causes the breach between the people of the USA and Himself to be repaired, then I will conclude that יהוה is granting the USA (and, thus, the world) more time before He allows the earth to descend into the darkness that will exist just prior to the end of the current age.

One thing is for certain: We live in interesting times. Perhaps now is the time for you to do your part and cry out to יהוה for mercy and heed His Commands.

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2016-09-17 Update

I was extremely impressed by Michael Pence’s testimony of Donald Trump praying with him and his family, Trump ensuring the well being of one of the attendees at one of his rallies, Jesse Jackson’s previous endorsement of Donald Trump, etc. I am currently of the opinion that the USA is faced with two choices: either (1) possible liberty and freedom restored under Trump or (2) the certain end of the republic and slavery under Clinton.

BTW, a quite humorous endorsement recently came from Kent Hovind: Kent Hovind Endorses Hillary Clinton for President.

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2016-10-11 Update

Like many people, I was not pleased with Donald Trump’s adulterous talk from over ten years ago. However, I was satisfied with his apology, which seemed to be sincere (contrary to the assertions of many leftist sources). Some relevant scriptures that come to mind include Luke 17:3-4 and 1 John 1:9.

More impressive were Trump’s performance against Hillary (aka Crooked) Clinton and the “moderators” in the second presidential debate, Michael Pence’s performance in the vice presidential debate against Tim Kaine and the “moderator” and virtually all of rallies of Trump and Pence. One thing that was very important to me in regards to the invocations of Trump’s and Pence’s rallies (because it is important to יהוה) is that they were always done by a believer in The Messiah, in the Mighty Name of The Messiah. That, alone, illustrates incredible wisdom on the part of Trump and Pence—e.g., Job 28:28, Proverbs 1:7, Proverbs 9:10, Proverbs 15:33, Psalm 111:10, etc.

The second presidential debate (on 2016-10-09): Second Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The vice presidential debate (on 2016-10-04): 2016 Vice Presidential Debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine.

Trump’s 2016-10-10 rally in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania; (the invocation is at 45 minute mark): 2016-10-10 Trump Rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Pence’s 2016-10-10 rally in Fletcher, North Carolina: 2016-10-10 Pence Rally in Fletcher, North Carolina.

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2016-10-15 Update

Yesterday I read one of the leaked Clinton letters that discusses the Clinton view on government “education”. From that letter, it is clear that the Clintons believe that the purpose of government education is to make Americans unaware and gain their compliance. That is, they believe that the purpose of government education is to indoctrinate the youth of the USA and cause them to blindly obey the government without educating them about history, the workings of government, etc. Then, as Dr. Ron Paul put it, they continue that “education” via the government controlled (FCC licensed) media, or, as Dr. Dinesh D’Souza explained, the left controls virtually the entire “education” system (from pre-Kindergarten through college) as well as the media.

I believe that the opening entertainer (Benny Prasad) for Dr. D’Souza’s Liberty University Convocation gave the best advice for the people of יהוה in the USA; (the presentation starts at around 4:00):

At this point, for me, it is fairly clear that Clinton is an unprosecuted traitor to the nation who desires to continue her legacy of selling government favors for cash while destroying the fabric of our society—our people. If Trump is elected and keeps his campaign promises, then יהוה will have given us a much welcomed reprieve from the destructive influence of the godless, lawless left. Thus, יהוה willing, I am about to cast my vote for Trump and Pence.

If you would like to do more than just vote:

Here are some miscellaneous, related videos and articles that I had intended to incorporate into this post but never did (until now):

A post first presidential debate conference: Donald Trump at the Miami Dade College Memorial Center.

His logic seems sound: The Donald Trump Prophecy (Steve Cioccolanti).

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2016-10-18 Update

I thought that the previous update to this post would be the last, but I felt that I needed to include these, as well:

Every Christian or person of color should watch this:

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2016-10-20 Update

Well, perhaps these updates will continue until after the election…

Before I present this update, I want to ensure that you understand that you need to get out and vote, despite any information that you receive which might discourage you from doing so. If every voting age Christian in the USA voted in every election with one mind, our candidates would always win by a landslide. The fact that the majority of Christians do not vote is one of the biggest problems that we face as a nation.

Recently, I saw video from a Veritas Investigation into the election manipulation tactics of the demoncrats, and it was quite sad to see. When I shared the video with a former elected official, he indicated that this is nothing new and has been going on for years. Furthermore, I recently trained to become an election observer, and during the training, it became obvious that there are many holes in the election process that cheaters can take advantage of in order to affect the outcome of an election. Given the proclivity of republicans to obey the laws of the land and the demoncrats to do whatever they feel to do (whether legal or not), one can imagine that this is a one sided battle. This also explains why demoncrats and their appointed judges have been battling against any significant forms of voter integrity. Given this reality, it is no wonder why Trump is concerned about the integrity of the upcoming election.

FYI, I am not advocating for blindly voting for republicans. For example, I believe that most of the incumbents (be they democrats or republicans) have failed and need to be replaced–each and every election cycle. Thus, Trump’s concept of term limits for senators and congresspeople is extremely wise.

Also, in the aforementioned training, it became apparent that California had effectively shunned its constitutional duty to provide a republic form of government to its people. California has now migrated to a “democracy” (if one defines a democracy as allowing anyone and everyone to vote as many times as he or she desires). History has shown that a pure democracy is unstable, primarily due to the fact that it allows the majority to take advantage of the minority and leads to legalized theft and lawless by the government and individuals–which can already be observed in action, today. Thus, California’s style of democracy (which has already spread to other states) can be expected to be even less stable than a pure democracy.

However, despite all of this cheating, if all of the people who call themselves Christians would get out and vote with one mind, their candidates would still win by a landslide. People who call themselves Christians still make up the vast majority of the U.S. Population. Thus, you need to vote, regardless of anything that you see or hear that might discourage you from doing so.

Below are some links with information about how you can get involved. You can no longer sit on the sidelines. You need to get into the fight:

This information is sad, but it could also be designed to get you to stay at home instead of voting. No matter what the media claims, you need to cast your vote:

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2016-11-05 Update

For the reasons mentioned in the 2016-07-23 Update, I was a saddened to see yet another Non-Christian give the invocation at a Trump Rally in Arizona. (Unfortunately, I did not save the link to the video.) My belief is that we should be praying for Trump to avoid the satanic trap of idolatry:

Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them. (Jonah 2:8, NIV)

2016-11-04 Julian Assange Interview

Some Surprising Trump Supporters

Will Clinton Evade This One, As Well?

Too Weird: Clinton’s Campaign Chairman Involved In Satanic Rituals?

Hillary Supporters Attack Homeless Woman For Supporting Trump

The Elephant In The Room

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2016-11-07 Update

As Anticipated, Clinton Evades Justice, Yet Again

Unfortunately, our November 4/5 analysis (that the latest FBI “investigation” into Clinton’s violations of U.S. Classified Laws—e.g., 18 U.S. Code § 798—was a ruse) appears to have been correct. However, I believe that Brother Amir Tsarfati is correct that יהוה will honor the collective choice of the people who are called by His Name in the USA:

Thus, if you claim to be a Christian who is a Citizen of the USA, you need to vote on November 8, if you have not done so already.

Update On Homeless Woman Attacked By Leftists

B.O. Encourages Non-Citizens to Vote in U.S. Elections

More Dreams About Trump

This post started, in part, as a result of a dream that I had about Trump after I prayed (back before Trump had received the nomination). Several weeks ago, a friend (who is a much more faithful follower of The Messiah than I am) relayed two dreams about Trump to me. In the first dream, Trump was engaged in idolatry, but my friend chastised him for that, and Trump then repented. In the second dream, Trump confessed that he was a born again believe in The Messiah.

My friend took the first dream to mean that Trump is a believer in The Messiah but that he lacks understanding about what is and is not pleasing to יהוה. My friend took the second dream to mean that Trump is a true believer in The Messiah, since that dream came after my friend’s prayer to יהוה for understanding about whether or not Trump is yet another fake politician.

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The Horrible Alternative:

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2016-11-12 Update

An Old Friend of the USA Showed Up At the Election

On November 8th and 9th of 2016, an old friend of the USA and of the entire creation showed up at the election. His Name is יהוה Elohim, and none can resist Him nor stand in the way of those whom He is for. This past election was no exception.

If you have been following this blog post or other, independent sources, then you must have some idea about the plethora of tricks and lawless tactics that the forces of darkness utilized in order to try to steal the election. However, יהוה stood for Trump, and, thus, no one and nothing could stand against him.

Time To Get To Work

All praise be to יהוה that He has heard and answered our many prayers and has given us leadership that will hopefully clean up this nation and begin to repair the breach between the people of the USA and יהוה. However, this is not the time to kick back, return to playing church and serving our idols as usual. This is the time to clean up our act, fall to our knees daily in prayer and thanksgiving to יהוה and daily study and practice doing His Word. We need to turn to Him, now, more than ever.

The forces of darkness do not cease to work merely because יהוה has appointed a man with God honoring tendencies to the presidency, and neither should we. We should utilize this as an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with יהוה and to walk ever more faithfully in His Way. This is an opportunity to share The Gospel and to be kind, loving and generous to others. This is an opportunity for us to live The Word and to bring glory to יהוה in so doing (e.g., Matthew 5:16).

The Forces of Darkness are already Regrouping

Our President

Go back to the top.

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