Dream About a Communist Takeover

America has been Infected With Communism

Updated: 2016-08-20

On July 11, 2012, I had a dream which I believe was about the USA. I suspect that this dream may have been from God, perhaps in answer to some of my prayers at the time. This was the dream, except for certain aspects that I have decided not to share:

Communists started rising to power (in America, I believe), and the majority of the people were for them. The so called “liberals” naturally merged with the communists, since it became clear (at that point) that the “liberal” ideals had always contained a bit of communism. Only I and a few other Christians who held onto (kept) our faith did not succumb to the communist dogmas, while everyone else cheered them on.

Initially, they started taking away personal property rights. They made something that I owned illegal to have, and they also placed some kind of limitations on my personal dwelling. I believe (but cannot recall for certain) that they may have taken away some of my personal property. I am fairly certain that they definitely limited my ability to obtain new items that I desired to have. At that time (while they rose to power), I was very “stressed” by all of the changes.

As this was going on, they would have large, public meetings (gatherings). Their leaders would present themselves and their “new” ideas on a central stage. Everyone else would gather around. I would always take a seat near friends who would at least claim to be Christians. Radical communists would line the back – standing and shouting for whatever the leaders said. I did not even listen to the leaders. However, I watched the audience as they became converted via fear and (at least perceived) intimidation.

At each meeting, the number of Christians who identified themselves as such became less and less in number, until there were only me and about seven others. However, I was never completely certain about who would keep their faith in God and who would not.

After the last meeting (in the dream), mob rule seemed to be in operation, everywhere, and the government seemed to encourage them (the mobs). There were no police on the streets, and people just did whatever they felt to do. Whatever they wanted, they took.

At that point in the dream, one of the brothers who I had met in the last meeting came with me, and we walked through all of the madness to our first destination (my new dwelling, I believe). We tarried there for a while, and the communists could not get into the house, because God was protecting it and the yard.

Then we took my bike somewhere (to my car, I believe), but the communists could not touch us, because God was protecting us. When we got into the car, at least one crazed communist raised up rocks in his hands in order to break the car’s windows but never threw them. They just looked mean, vicious and crazy and shouted vicious, threatening things to us and acted threatening towards us. The brother who was with me was worried, and part of my mind also had some fear, because I could only see and hear the world around me. However, I told him what I knew, “Don’t worry. They cannot hurt us, because God is protecting us.”

Then we drove wherever we were going and did whatever we went to do or got whatever we went to get (cannot recall what or where, exactly). When we were done, we came back and took my bicycle to get some food. There were no communists around when we went back to the area where we had driven the vehicle from (where they had previously threatened us). The food that I wanted was in a public (common) area, in some bags next to a refrigerator. We took what we wanted and then rode my bicycle back to my house.

When I would think about what was going on, I would have fear, but I trusted God, and He kept me safe. I just lived a normal life, in spite of all that was happening, thanks to God’s protection.

There were no visible signs of God’s protection over me. I did not visibly see God, but I knew to trust Him, and He did protect me. I had a simple life, but I lived my life and went where I wanted to go and did what I wanted to do, and God protected me.

At the beginning, as the communists rose to power, they (that is, their polices) did impact my life in a negative way. However, that may have been a part of God’s sifting process. At that time, I had fear and distress at my home. When they had fully taken over, I was living in a different home.

I believe that the key to my success was that, unlike many others, I kept my faith in God. Many others succumbed to the pressures of what was going on and forgot about God. However, I was very dissatisfied with the new system and never forgot about God. As time went on, I knew to trust Him. When I put my trust in Him, I lived a “normal” life. (Actually, my lifestyle was totally dependent upon God.)

After the communist takeover, I do not believe that I was working, but I still had shelter and food, which was provided by God.

Things get a bit out of control from this point onward. Thus, feel free to stop here.

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