The Final Empires


If you have read my article about Iran, you should realize that I believe that the Word of יהוה indicates that rulers of a nation that is (or will be) located in the region of what was ancient Media and Persia (the region that we call Iran, today) will expand their national boundaries, unimpeded, until Yavan (the region that is currently Greece and at least coastal Turkey) crushes them. Sometime after that, Yavan will split into four nations. This is explained in Daniel 8 and Daniel 11:1-4.

The Final Middle Eastern Empires

I believe that Daniel 7 provides additional details about those four empires. Furthermore, Daniel 11:5-45 focuses on various kings of the southern and northern nations that split from Yavan and their relations with one another—which primarily consist of military and other conflicts. Daniel 11:8,40-43 clearly states that the southern nation will be located in the region of ancient Egypt, and Zephaniah 2:13 might indicate that the northern nation will be located in the region of ancient Assyria. Daniel 11:31,37 seems to identify the final king of the northern empire as the man of sin. Thus, we might conclude that the Antichrist’s kingdom (i.e., the fourth, “dreadful” beast mentioned in Daniel 7) will form in the area that was ancient Assyria, and this understanding provides great clarity regarding many prophecies about “The Assyrian” contained within the Word of יהוה.

In this article, it is not my goal to delve too deeply into anything but the final sequence of Middle Eastern Empires that will (possibly soon) emerge, leading to the end of the current age and the return of King Yehoshu’ah. However, as long as we are studying this portion of God’s Word, we might as well take some time to make a few additional observations.

Daniel 12 starts off with Miyka’el standing up for Israel (which happens approximately 3.5 years prior to Daniel 11:45, according to Revelation 12 and Daniel 12:7). It then gives an indication of the onset of the Wrath of יהוה, which is The Rapture (which happens immediately after The Great Tribulation). Daniel 12 concludes with the length of time between when (1) the daily is done away with and (2) the abomination of desolation is setup, along with the mention of a blessed time that comes 45 days after the abomination is setup. (Correlated with what Yehoshu’ah stated in Matthew 24, I believe that it is possible that The Great Tribulation is 45 days in length, and once it starts—i.e., when the abomination is setup—a believer in Yehoshu’ah can know to flee, hide, wait and keep looking up, since his or her King will not tarry long after that. Of course, according to Daniel 7:25, etc., the saints will be given over to the antichrist for 3.5 years; so, we are probably not going to be well liked, to say the least, until Yehoshu’ah returns.)


I hope that this aids you with your studies, and I would appreciate any insights that you feel that יהוה has given to you about the coming events that have been described in His Word. יהוה willing, I hope to get time to fill in more details (e.g., from Revelation), soon.

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